Karolina Milewicz
Associate Professor of International Relations
Tutorial Fellow in International Relations

Department of Politics & International Relations
University College
University of Oxford

I am Associate Professor of International Relations in the Department of Politics and International Relations, and a fellow of University College, at the University of Oxford. I am also Director of Research Training and course director for the international relations doctoral program.

My research focuses on the role of international institutions and law in promoting international cooperation from both a theoretical as well as an empirical perspective. I am interested in issues related to multilateralism, treaty making, and preferential trade.

A significant part of my work investigates empirically the conditions under which states adopt treaties to promote cooperation. An important question that arises from this work is how this growing legalized cooperation culminates in a de facto “constitutionalization” of the international order.

My recent research has been published in International Organization, International Studies Quarterly, Journal of Conflict Resolution, British Journal of Political Science, and Political Science Research & Methods, and with Cambridge University Press.


Email: karolina.milewicz(@)politics.ox.ac.uk

Mailing address:
University College, University of Oxford, High Street,
OX1 4BH Oxford, United Kingdom

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